The Wick 338

LocationThe Wick 338 - Southwick, MA
TimeApril 16, 2022 - April 17, 2022

Northeast Area Qualifier

Contact Information
Name: Rick Johnson
Email: [email protected]

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The first race at The Wick was held back in 1973 after a group of MX dads from Legion Post 338 turned the woods behind the post into what would become the world famous facility it is today. Lead by Bernie Yelin the crew consisted of Ray Peebles, Pat Smith, Dante Molta, Clovis Goyette and many others who worked for hours with chain saws and bulldozers to build the track. 

Today The Wick is being returned to its original direction and some of the iconic jumps and turns are being rebuilt to recreate the layout that thousands of racers have loved over the last 42 years.