An Alternate is a rider who did not finish in a guaranteed advancement position at either the Area Qualifier or Regional Championship. Alternates must pre-register for the National Championship with MX Sports to be eligible to fill vacancies in the final rosters. The Power Ranking System will determine the order in which alternates are selected. Although you do not have to place in a certain position to register as an Alternate - meaning even a rider who finished 20th place can register - riders with a DNS, DNF or DSQ for the overall finishing position are not eligible to register as an Alternate.


  • If a rider in a qualifying position decides not to compete at the Regional Championship, riders finishing below him at his area qualifier do not automatically move up one position. Each rider will maintain their original finishing position, and vacancies in the class will be filled by Alternates in power ranking order.
  • If a rider registers for the Regional Championship as an Alternate but improves their finishing position in the same class at another Area Qualifier, riders should immediately contact MX Sports by phone to update their class registration at 304.284.0101.