How to Qualify

To qualify for the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch you must participate in the two-step qualifying process: the Area Qualifiers and the Regional Championships. To understand how the qualifying system works, it helps to know that the United States is divided into eight different geographical regions consisting of the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-East, North Central, South Central, Northwest, Mid-West and Southwest. 


In each of the eight regions there are a maximum of eight Area Qualifiers. Riders must attend an Area Qualifier and finish in an advancement position (see advancement chart below) to guarantee a spot into the Regional Championships. At each Area Qualifier all classes will be offered and a two-moto format will be conducted. Classes, however, may be divided between the two days, such as, limited classes on Saturday and modified classes on Sunday, so it is not necessary to be at the event both days depending on the class for which you are qualifying. Riders may attempt to qualify in as many Area Qualifiers, in as many regions, as they choose. If a rider qualifies for a Regional, however, he must attend the Regional Championship for the region in which he qualified (see example below). The finishing positions guaranteed to advance to the Regional Championships from the Area Qualifiers are listed in the advancement chart below.

If you did not qualify for the Regional Championships, you can register as an Alternate. Information is listed on the site under Alternate Information.


  • Riders must receive a finish position in at least one moto in order to advance to the Regional Championship. 


The Regional Championships are the next step before making it to the "big show" at Loretta Lynn Ranch. Riders who place in an advancement finishing position at the Area Qualifiers are invited to the Regional Championship, but riders MUST pre-register with MX Sports by the deadline to keep that guaranteed spot. With the exception of the Northwest and Southwest regions, the Regional Championships separate the National classes into two different events: the Youth Regional and the Amateur Regional. The reason for the class separation is to accommodate the amount of riders that attempt to qualify, as well as the unique three-moto format at the Regionals, so riders must attend both Saturday and Sunday to ensure all motos are counted towards an overall score. The finishing positions guaranteed to advance to the National Championship from the Regional Championships are listed in the advancement chart below.


  • In some geographic regions there may be more than forty riders eligible to participate in the Regional Championship. If there are more riders at the Regional than the starting gate can accommodate, then qualifying races will be run.
  • Riders must receive a finish position in at least one moto in order to be considered as an Alternate for the National Championship.
  • Riders who earn a guaranteed position in more than one Regional Championship will advance to the National from the rider's "home" region.
  • If the rider did not qualify from his home region then the selection will be from the region in which the rider had the better finish.
  • If there are multiple equal finishes, then the rider will be selected from the region in which he first qualified. All riders will move up one position in the region in which a rider was not selected due to qualifying in more than one region.

Advancement Chart:

See Supplemental Rules to view current advancement chart.


Question: I live in New Jersey and finished 6th in the Senior 40+ class at the Northeast Area Qualifier at Sleepy Hollow MX in Fredricksburg, Pennsylvania. Can I go to the Mid-East Regional Championship at Ironman MX in Crawfordsville, Indiana?

Answer: NO! You must attend the Northeast Amateur Regional Championship at Muddy Creek in Blountville, Tennessee. Muddy Creek is the designated Amateur Regional for the Northeast region.

Question: I also went to the Mid-East Area Qualifier at Wildcat Creek MX in Rossville, Indiana, and finished 3rd. Can I go to the Mid-East Amateur Regional at Ironman then?

Answer: YES! Because a rider can race in as many Area Qualifiers in as many Regions as he or she chooses, you can also qualify in the Mid-East region.


Congratulations!  If you finished in a guaranteed qualifying position for the National Championship.  There is just one more step you need to take to confirm your gate spot on the Start Line at the biggest amateur motocross race in the world!  Registration for the National Championship is required.  Online registration is preferred, and payment by credit card will be required.  If you prefer to register by mail, please contact us. 

Registration for the National Championship is currently closed.

If you did not qualify for the National Championship in a guaranteed position, but want to register as an Alternate we have an online form you must fill out.

We have a solution if you are having trouble printing out the National Release.