Moto Glossary

National sanctioning body for amateur motorcycle competitions

Competition Classes: There are two divisions of classes. Youth classes are comprised of all mini bike classes and the Women's class. They compete at Youth only Regionals. Amateur classes are comprised of all age classes, skill specific classes and all big bikes with the exception of Women's class and compete at Amateur only Regionals. The ONLY time these divisions are actually separate is at the Regional Championship.


  • 51cc classes: Comprehensive age range: 4-8
  • 65cc classes: Comprehensive age range: 7-11
  • 85cc classes: Comprehensive age range: 9-16
  • Schoolboy classes: Comprehensive age range: 12-16
  • Women class: Comprehensive age range: 14+
  • Girls classes: Comprehensive age range: 9-16


  • Age classes: Comprehensive age range: 25-50 +
  • 250cc specific: Must be on 122-250cc machine
  • 450cc specific: Must be on 122cc-Open cc machine
  • Skill level classes: Broken up into A, B, C class
    • A = Highest level before PRO
    • B = Intermediate
    • C = Novice
    • Pro Sport = A level riders and/or anyone who has a Professional license

Cubic Centimeters ("cc")
A measurement of engine displacement

A type of internal combustion engine used in motocross competition (makes a loud and deep noise when engaged) and is more technologically advanced and modern than a two-stroke 

A type of internal combustion engine used in motocross competition (makes a high-pitched noise when engaged) and more common in mini bike classes

The first rider who crosses a pre-determined spot on the racecourse, traditionally located in the first turn after the start of the race

A predetermined number of laps and/or a set time of competition held during an event. Also known as a race

Area Qualifier
This is the first step in the qualifying process. Riders must attend one of 50 Area Qualifiers throughout the US, held February through May, and finish in an advancement position to guarantee a spot into the Regional Championship

Regional Championship
The last stop before making it to the "big show" at Loretta Lynn Ranch. Riders who finish in the advancement positions in one of 12 Regional Championships across the country, held in June, are guaranteed to advance to the National Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch

The National Championship, AKA: Loretta's
The world's largest and most prestigious amateur motocross racing program held every year during the first week in August at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The compilation of points earned after two (or three) motos that make up a championship event. A tie goes to the rider with the highest scoring last moto

A technique in which a rider maneuvers his motorcycle horizontally over a jump as a means to stay lower to the ground, thereby spending less time in the air

Signal Area
Area of restricted access for Mechanics to signal riders and perform mechanical maintenance and repairs during racing competition

Start Gate
A mechanical device behind which riders are aligned and upon activation drops to allow commencement of the start of the competition