National Registration

Welcome to the 41st Annual Monster Energy AMA Amateur Motocross
National Championship FastTrack Registration Service,
brought to you by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas!

National Registration Closed on Tuesday, July 12.

If you have any questions please call our offices at (304) 284-0084
or email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

Here’s how it works:

When you register for the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Amateur Motocross National Championship on the FastTrack, you will receive $20 in Race Gas Cash credits on

When Race Gas Cash credits are earned, you will receive an email informing you how much cash has been added to your account, what event you received it for and the expiration of that credit. If you don’t have an account with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, you can register through the email you receive from them. (Please allow 1-3 weeks following the event to receive your email with credit.)

In the event a rider registers for the National and subsequently attends another Regional and betters their finish, they must notify MX Sports by email ([email protected]) so that their power ranking can be upgraded.

Online Registration:

All registration for the National must be made online. Here’s how:

  1. Enter your current AMA membership number and Submit.
  2. Select your national classes and facility permits and enter for the Hookup Lottery (optional). Riders are limited to (2) Facility Permits and (2) Pit Vehicle Permits per Facility Permit. Permits must be purchased in advance.
  3. Upload a rider headshot to be included in the official souvenir yearbook (optional).
  4. Complete all racer personal information fields accurately.
  5. Race Numbers can be requested during National Registration. Numbers will be available on the official Rider Roster starting Friday, July 15.
  6. If you own a transponder, enter the 7 or 8-digit transponder number (optional).
  7. If you’re really smart, upload your report card for the Loretta Lynn Honor Role (optional).
  8. Check the box to get 12 issues of Racer X for only $30 (optional).
  9. Select Confirm Racer Information.
  10. The applicable Release and Waiver of Liability Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement will be automatically generated. i.e., Minor vs. Adult.
  11. Adult racers must provide both their email and cell phone contact information.
    Parents of minor racers must provide the parent’s email and cell phone contact information. In the event of parents with joint custody, the contact information for both parents must be provided.
  12. Complete all billing information.
  13. Verify acceptance of the Refund Policy & Charges and Submit Payment.
  14. Verify acceptance of the Communicable Disease Exposure and Infection Assumption of Risk Agreement.
  15. A text message and an email with a link will be issued immediately to adult racers, and in the case of parents with joint custody, both parents. Select either the text message or the email link to receive the required release. Read the release carefully, enter your name and select Sign and Confirm. A Confirmation Receipt will be issued, and you are done!

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems registering. Go HERE or call 304.284.0101.

2022 Pricing:

Per Class Entry Fee: $150 per class
Facility Permit: $450 (Limit 2 per rider)
Hook-Up Lottery Winners: $300 (Limit 1 per rider)
Extra Car Pass: $125 (online rider purchases only)
Pit Vehicle Permit: $75 (Limit 2 per facility permits online purchases only)
Pit Vehicle Permit: $100 (Fans & onsite purchases)
Pre-Event Camping Rate: $75/per day (if arriving before Sunday, July 31)

Customized Bibs:

You can customize your official Loretta Lynn's racing bib with your last name. All bibs are fully sublimated and will include your last name above your race number. No press on numbers or letters! Purchase extra bibs to frame after the event or have on-hand during race week. These customized bibs are in addition to the race bib provided by MX Sports. Orders can be placed by after rider numbers are assigned.

Customized Number Plates:

MX Sports recommends that you order your Official 2022 Loretta Lynn's number plate backgrounds from Attack Graphics to ensure your bike meets all MX Sports / AMA requirements. Once you receive your $20 credit for pre-registering, you can order your graphics by visiting: 

WiFi at The Ranch

Since December of 2020 Lightspeed Access LLC. has been at the ranch installing a brand new WiFi network to replace the previous subpar system.

The new system consists of a 20-gigabit internet service connected to a fiber optic backbone ran throughout the facility that connect approximately 50 high speed switches with a 10-gigabit backbone which then connect to more than 200 access points to provide coverage throughout the property.

With the new system customers have been able to utilize WiFi calling, Facetime Audio and Video, Messenger Audio and Video, I-Messaging, Messenger texting, as well as surfing the web, streaming video, and sending and receiving emails.

LSA LLC will also be onsite during the event to support the system. It is highly recommended to pre purchase your WiFi Authorization Codes prior to arriving at the ranch to streamline and expedite connectivity to the network.

We are excited to provide this new WiFi system to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and look forward to servicing your technology needs.

for more information click the link below.

Pre-Purchase Loretta Lynn WiFi Access

Onsite Registration:

Although pre-entered, all riders must confirm their entries at the event during Registration. Only adult riders and the parents of minor riders need attend Registration. Minors are encouraged NOT to attend registration.

Registration will be held at the Monster Arena on Sunday, July 31, 2022. Riders who failed to register at the event will be replaced by Alternates.

See the Race Procedures for registration times.


 We use MyLaps transponders.  Transponders can be rented or purchased in advance of the event.  To speed up the rental process , we request you order your rented/purchased transponder online in advance of the event. The online purchase price is $120; the rental fee is $40 with a $100 refundable deposit. Riders that currently own a transponder must register it at the event. You do not have to have your transponder in order to register, but you must obtain one prior to racing.  Transponders can be picked up at the LiveView Timing Office on Saturday (2 - 6 pm), Sunday (11 am - 7 pm) or Monday (8 am - 6 pm). Transponders will be fully charged but will need to be charged during the week.    

To Rent a Transponder: Go to Rent .  Submit your transponder rental order.  Each racer should have their own transponder.  Only one transponder is required per rider, regardless of the number of classes entered. Transponders come with charging hardware, zip ties and a mounting bracket for installation on the fork tube behind the number plate. If you plan to move the transponder from one bike to another, you should purchase an extra mounting bracket. Transponders and all charging hardware must be returned to the LiveView Timing Office within 30 minutes of completion of racing on Saturday. Failure to return the transponder by this time will cause the $100 deposit to be charged to your credit card.    

To Purchase a Transponder: Go to Purchase .  Place your transponder order. Select the “PickUp at Track” option. Each racer should have their own transponder.  Only one transponder is required per rider, regardless of the number of classes entered. Transponders come with charging hardware, zip ties and a mounting bracket for installation on the fork tube behind the number plate. If you plan to move the transponder from one bike to another, you should purchase an extra mounting bracket. Transponders will be activated and fully charged for pick-up.  

If you already have a Transponder: If you own your own transponder you will need to take it to the LiveView Timing Office and register it for the event.  It is important that you check the condition of your transponder before you come to the event to make sure it is working properly. To do so, charge your transponder and verify the blinking green light.  This is how you know it is working.  If you need help with your transponder activation, call Mylaps at 678-816-4000. We will not be able to help you at the event if your transponder does not work, in which case you will need to rent one.  

Transponder Refunds: Refunds will be given before racing starts upon request. No refunds after racing begins.

Transponder Questions: 859-393-2847 or j[email protected]    

Lap Times: Copies of lap times and results will be provided to competitors at no charge. Racers can obtain their complimentary lap times from the LiveView Timing Office.

Live Timing and Results: Live Timing, announcer audio feeds, limited video feeds and links to the LIVE RacerTv feeds are available all week long at LiveView Timing .