2022 Race Procedures

A. Registration Procedure
B. Alternate Procedure
C. Staging/Starting Area Procedure
D. Race Procedure
E. Mechanics Area Procedure
F. Infield Procedure
G. Burnout Procedure


  1. Only adult riders and the parents of minor riders are required to attend Registration. Minors are encouraged not to attend Registration.
  2. Registration is at the Monster Arena as follows:
    10 am – 11:30 am    Youth Classes ONLY        (Classes 22-29)
    12 pm – 1:30 pm      Youth Classes ONLY        (Classes 30-36)
    2 pm – 3:30 pm        Amateur Classes ONLY   (Classes 1-12)
    4 pm – 5:30 pm        Vet Classes ONLY             (Classes 13-21)
    7 am – 10 am           All Classes
  3. Registration is a 4-step process:
    Step 1: AMA Station
    Step 2:  Class Station
    Step 3:  Bib Station
    Step 4:  Transponder Station
  4. Step 1 is the AMA Station. Every rider must produce a valid and current AMA card for inspection by the AMA official. Expired AMA cards can be renewed here.
  5. Step 2 is the Class Station. Each class will have its own Station and Registration Staff. Riders must register at the Class Station for each class in which they are entered.
  6. Registration Staff will confirm your entry into the class and will require the rider (or parent in the case of a minor) to sign a release. Please confirm that all information on the Race Entry form is correct, including bike brand and address. DO NOT take the Race Entry form with you - leave it with the Registration Staff.
  7. Mechanics will be required to sign the release as well and will be given a Mechanics Pass with a number that corresponds with the Race/Moto number for the rider’s class. Please check the Mechanics Pass number to ensure it is for the proper race. Mechanics must be at least 18 years of age.
  8. The last four digits of a race machine’s Frame Number must be provided. This applies for ALL race machines.  Powder-coated frames must be inspected by the AMA Official and marked with a frame number during practice on Monday.  It is the responsibility of the rider to report the AMA-issued frame number to the MX Sports Race Office.
  9. Riders will be given a practice sticker for their class(es) for Monday’s practice session. Each class will practice as a group only once. The sticker must be placed on the left chin of the rider’s helmet and will be checked at the Staging Area. Only riders with proper practice stickers will be permitted to practice. You do not have to practice with your race bike. However, please make sure that the frame number for your race bike is properly registered.
  10. Each practice group will consist of one class. If a rider is in 2 classes and the practice sessions for those two classes are back-to-back, he may request to practice with a different group for his second practice so that he gets two full practice sessions. A rider may only practice with a maximum of two groups.
  11. The rider must then proceed to the Race Bib Station and obtain his/her race bib and rider packet. The race bib must be worn during all motos, and all bib graphics must be clearly visible. Bibs are not required for Monday Practice.  Riders may add their names and sponsor stickers to the bib, so long as the official event sponsors/graphics are not covered. If a rider loses or destroys a bib, replacements may be purchased from Moto Tees. Each rider will receive one race bib and one rider packet, even if entered in two classes. Extra bibs can be purchased after registration from Moto Tees.
  12. Finally, the rider must go to the Transponder Station at the Mylaps Office and obtain or register their transponder, and for instruction on proper placement and mounting. All riders must have a Mylaps MX Transponder. You do need to bring your transponder to registration, but you do need to obtain one prior to racing. 
  13. Live timing and scoring of all races will be posted on the official MX Sports website at mxsports.com. Complimentary copies of lap times and results will be provided to competitors at no charge from the Mylaps Office.


  1. Alternates not entered in any other class must report to the MX Sports Welcome Center at the front gate upon arrival at the Ranch to obtain a Facility Permit. Alternates already entered in another class will receive their Facility Permit from the Front Gate Attendants outside the Welcome Center when they check-in.
  2. All Alternates must attend Rider Registration and register in each class in which they are an Alternate by completing an entry form provided at registration. Only riders listed on the Alternate Rider List may register.
  3. Alternates will receive a Rider Packet at registration. Alternates will receive their number assignment, race bib, and Mechanics Pass only after they are placed in the program. Alternates do not have to purchase/rent transponders until they are placed in the program.
  4. Only the top 10 registered Alternates may practice with their class. If an Alternate is outside of the top 10 ranked Alternates, he should return at the end of registration to see if he has moved up into the top 10 ranking as a result of no-shows or placement of other Alternates. If so, the Alternate will be issued a practice sticker. Otherwise, Alternates cannot practice and will not be permitted to race.
  5. Alternates will be placed based on a power-ranking calculated by the number of riders at the regional level, i.e., Alternates from regionals with the most riders will be given priority placement (See, Supplemental Rules). A withdrawn rider will not necessarily be replaced by an Alternate from the same regional as the withdrawn rider.
  6. Alternates will not be placed until AFTER the close of registration on Monday. An Alternate List will be posted on the MX Sports Results Posting Board adjacent to the racetrack entrance. As Alternates are placed, their names will be added to the list. This is an all-day process and will continue until the first moto of each class. Alternates should monitor this posted list closely. Once your name appears on the list, you must report immediately to the MX Sports Race Office to receive a number assignment, race bib, and Mechanics Pass.
  7. Once a class is full, no further Alternates can be placed unless a seeded rider withdraws from the program prior to the start of the first moto of that class, or if a seeded rider fails to report to the Start Line for the first moto. However, after the first moto of a class is run, no Alternates can be placed in that class. We strongly urge seeded riders to withdraw if they are not able to race their first moto in a class. Riders that can be replaced with an Alternate will receive a refund of their race entry fee.
  8. Alternate Staging. A staging area for Alternates will be positioned adjacent to the MX Sports Race Office. The first 2 Alternates in a class are encouraged to report to the Alternate Staging Area race-ready two motos before the first moto of their class.  In the event a gate is available for the first moto, Alternates will be placed and a race number and bib will be assigned. It is not necessary that the bike number correspond with the assigned number for the first moto due to time constraints. The bike number should be crossed out with black tape if it does not correspond to the assigned number.
  9. Riders not selected as an Alternate will be refunded their race entry fee. Facility fees will not be refunded if the Alternate attended the event. Refunds will be processed after the event and mailed by September 15th. No refunds will be issued at the event.


  1. Only the rider’s designated Mechanic may accompany the rider to the Staging Area. No other persons permitted. Family and friends may visit the rider in the Pre-Staging Area only.
  2. The Staging Area is located behind the Kawasaki Pits. This is a “No Smoking” area. Please dispose of trash properly, using the garbage cans provided.
  3. Please keep the center aisle open and clear. No bicycles, golf carts or pit bikes permitted in the staging lanes.
  4. Staging spots will be numbered 1 through 42, so that you can go directly to your spot when it’s time for your class to stage. Please be prepared to stage 2 motos before your race.
  5. First moto gate picks will be determined by drawing chips. Only riders may draw chips. Chips cannot be traded or switched between riders. Riders must have their bikes with them in order to draw a chip. Second and third moto gate picks will be based on previous moto finish, not the overall standings.
  6. Riders who fail to report to Staging for the first moto will be replaced by an Alternate for the remainder of the program. If a rider is injured in practice or is unable to race for any reason prior to the first moto, please notify MX Sports of your withdrawal so that an Alternate can be placed. A withdrawn rider will be refunded their rider entry fee if we are able to replace the rider with an Alternate. This only applies prior to the first moto. Alternates cannot be placed after the first moto.
  7. Once a class is called to the Start Gate, bikes will not be permitted to return to the paddock. If the bike is removed from the Staging Area after this point, the rider will not be permitted to start the race.
  8. Only the rider’s designated Mechanic may accompany the rider to the Start Gate. No other persons permitted.
  9. Riders should accompany their bikes to the gate. Once a rider pulls into a gate slot, he may not move to another gate. Bikes must be positioned straight and in the center of the gate. The back tire cannot rest on top the backstop.
  10. No one is permitted in front of the Start Gate. Absolutely no maintenance can be done to the area in front of the Start Gate.
  11. The area between the Start Gate and the backstop may be groomed with hands and feet only - tools may not be used. Mechanics may not use golf shoes or cleats in this area. No dirt, water or other material may be added to the area between the Start Gate and the backstop. However, excess rainwater can be removed from the area between the State Gate and the backstop with cups or buckets.
  12. Starting blocks are permitted and will be supplied by MX Sports. Riders may not use their own blocks. Blocks may not be used to groom the area behind the gate. The Mechanic is responsible for removing a starting block used by their rider.
  13. Riders must wear proper race attire, including but not limited to long sleeve jersey, race bib and transponder. Bib graphics may not be covered. Riders must have their transponders properly mounted.
  14. Per AMA Rules, helmet-mounted cameras are prohibited. However, cameras may be attached to the motorcycle or other parts of the rider’s body.
  15. Number plates must be clean and clearly visible each moto. A+ stickers may be displayed on all plates. See Supplemental Rules for plate colors.
  16. Riders participating in two classes with different color background requirements are not required to change backgrounds if riding the same bike.
  17. Each moto will receive a “Sighting Lap”. The purpose of this lap is for riders to inspect the course – not practice or race. Do not leave the gate on the Sighting Lap until directed by the official. Do not pass the Sighting Lap Leader.  Do not stop on the track or re-ride a section of the track during this lap. Upon completion of the lap, riders must return to their previously chosen gate and clean their number plates if necessary. The Sighting Lap is optional.
  18. The Start Procedure is as follows:
    • 2 Card will be held for 10 seconds
    • 1 Card will be held for 10 seconds
    • 1 Card will be turned sideways
    • Gate will drop between 2 and 5 seconds
  19. Mechanics must step behind the backstop at the display of the 1 Card.
  20. Riders will be penalized one lap for taking out the Start Gate.
  21. A rider may request a 2-minute grace period for minor repairs at any time prior to or during display of the 2 Card. Once the 1 Card is displayed, no additional time will be given. Only one grace period will be given per moto. Grace periods will not be given to clean equipment or for cosmetic purposes.


  1. Each class will have a three-moto format. Overall results will be tabulated based on all three motos.
  2. Most classes will run 20-minute motos. All 51cc, GirlsSenior (45+) Masters (50+), and “C” classes will run 15-minute motos. 
  3. Moto Finish. In order to receive a numeric finish position in a moto, a rider must complete at least one-half the laps of the leader and take the checkered flag. A rider who fails to report to staging will receive a “DNS” (Did Not Start). A DNS results in moto points equal to the total number of riders in the class, plus 30 points. In all other instances, the rider will be considered a “DNF” (Did Not Finish). A DNF results in moto points equal to the total number of riders in the class, but never less than 20 points.
  4. Disqualification. A “Moto DQ” (“Disqualification”) results in moto points equal to the total number of riders in the class, plus 40 points. A “Class DQ” results in exclusion from the class results in all motos for that class only. A “Meet DQ” results in exclusion from all classes in all motos for the entire meet.
  5. The Flags.
    • Green Flag = 
    given at the completion of lap one to indicate that the race is “on”. 
    • Crossed White and Green Flags = signals the half-way point in a moto. 
    • Caution (Yellow) Flag = indicates a downed rider or other situation to raise caution. A rider may jump and pass between the yellow flag and the incident but must show caution. (Note:  This rule differs from the AMA Amateur Rule Book and applies only to the National.)
    • Red Cross Flag and/or Flashing Safety Lights indicates an injured rider and/or medics on the track or a dangerous situation on the track in an area of limited visibility. This Flag indicates a “Wheels on Ground” situation wherein both wheels of the motorcycle must remain on the ground over obstacles until the rider has passed the area of concern. Riders must show caution, hold their position and cannot jump or pass between the flag and the incident. 
    • Blue Flag = indicates a rider is about to be lapped. Lapped riders should hold their line and not interfere with the progress of the faster rider(s). A Blue Flag can be given anywhere along the racecourse.
    • Red Flag = indicates the race has been stopped. Riders must return to their original gate position to await further instruction. 
  6. A rider leaving the course may continue the race by properly re-entering the course at the closest point to where the rider left the course, without gaining an advantage. If a rider leaves the course for any reason, he must immediately slow downto a safe speed so as not to endanger life or limb of other riders, crew members, officials or the public. It will be the responsibility of the Race Director or his designee to determine whether the rider gained an advantage upon re-entry or failed to slow down after leaving the course. A rider may be determined to have gained an advantage without gaining a position.
  7. Riders may not change bikes after the first moto of their class.
  8. All machines are subject to technical inspection by the Referee.
  9. Transponder scoring will be the official scoring method, with hand scoring back-up. However, lap times are not official results. Official results will be posted on the Results Posting Board after each moto. Rented transponders must be returned to the Trackside Transponder Office after the rider’s final moto.
  10. Finish Line. The official Finish Line will be marked and will coincide with the location of the timing loop, not at the Finish Line arch or the Finish Line flagman. It is the rider’s responsibility to be familiar with the exact location of the Finish Line.
  11. Protests must be submitted in writing within 30 minutes of the posted race results. Protest forms are available from the Referee.
  12. The top 10 finishers in all classes must stop for Impound immediately after the finish of each moto. Frame numbers will be checked. Motorcycles will be held until released by the Official.
  13. The top 3 finishers in each moto should proceed directly to the podium for interviews and the award of Moto Medals. The top 3 overall class finishers should proceed to the podium upon completion of the final moto.
  14. Class awards will be given to the top 10 riders in each class Saturday afternoon at the conclusion of racing at the Monster Arena. Riders should wear their Moto Medals to the Awards Ceremony.


  1. Only authorized Mechanics permitted in the Mechanics Area. No other persons permitted.
  2. The Yamaha Mechanics Area is located to the right of the Start Line behind the Start Line billboard. After the start of the moto, Mechanics must proceed directly to the Mechanics Area. Only properly credentialed Mechanics may enter the Mechanics Area.
  3. Riders requiring mechanical assistance must pull into the Mechanics Area entrance located after the main structure in order to receive assistance. Riders must then re-enter the track at the opposite end of the Mechanics Area where designated. Riders are responsible for the safe re-entry onto the track. Riders interfering with other riders upon re-entry are subject to penalty.
  4. Mechanics must stay behind the Mechanics Area fence and may not enter or cross the track for any reason.
  5. A rider may register more than one Mechanic, but only one Mechanic Pass will be issued, and only one Mechanic per rider will be permitted in the Mechanics Area per moto. All Mechanics must register with the rider at Rider Registration.
  6. Mechanics Passes must be clearly visible at all times.
  7. Mechanics Passes may not be switched or transferred from one person to another unless that person is a properly registered Mechanic for that rider.
  8. Riders are responsible for the conduct of their Mechanics and may be subject to penalty for inappropriate conduct by their Mechanic.


  1. The track infield is restricted during racing. Only authorized track personnel and credentialed press and sponsors may access the infield. Riders and Mechanics are prohibited from accessing the infield during race hours.
  2. Riders and their Mechanics may inspect the racetrack prior to Monday’s practice and in the evenings after the track maintenance crew has completed track preparations. No one is permitted on the racetrack while the track maintenance crew is working.
  3. Media must apply for credentials in advance of the event. Approved media must obtain infield credentials from the MX Sports Welcome Center Office prior to entering the infield. Only credentialed media will be permitted.
  4. Event sponsors may obtain infield credentials from the MX Sports Trackside Office. Business identification will be required.
  5. Infield passes will be issued Monday at 3 pm. However, infield passes are not valid until racing begins on Tuesday, as the infield is closed during practice.
  6. Signaling riders, cheering or providing mechanical assistance is prohibited on the infield.
  7. Crossing the track is forbidden during racing.
  8. Shirts and shoes are required on the infield.
  9. Only MX Sports staff may assist fallen or stranded riders. For the 51cc Shaft Drive Ltd class only, event sponsors and OEM personnel may also assist fallen or stranded riders on the infield.


  1. The Burnout Area is located in Area 3. Only registered racers and their race bikes are permitted to use the Burnout Area. No pit bikes, golf carts or other vehicles permitted.
  2. Riders are responsible for their own safety in the Burnout Area - proper protective equipment must be worn at all times. 
  3. Burnout Area Hours: Mon - Sat (7 am - 7 pm)