RedBud MX

RedBud MX - Buchanan, MI

April 23, 2022 - April 24, 2022

Mid-East Area Qualifier

Contact Information
Name: RedBud MX
Phone: (269) 695-6405
Email: [email protected]

Best known as the centerpiece round of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship every year on July 4th weekend, RedBud is also host to ATV National Motocross, TORC Series short course truck racing, qualifying for the AMA Amateur Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s ranch, AHRMA National Vintage Motocross, and some of the best local amateur motocross you’ll find anywhere in the good old USA. Whether you’re looking for a place to race, or a race to enjoy, you’ll find it on our schedule of events.

NO EARLY ENTRY, AND NO PARKING ON THE ROAD NEAR THE GATE!  It’s a busy road and school busses are running.  Please obey the NO PARKING AT ANY TIME signs to keep us out of trouble with the police and our neighbors.  There’s a staging area available in Buchanan for early arrivals.  Get in line there and the police will escort the line to the gate when we open.

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