Hey Loretta | A Love Letter to Amateur Motocross

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 | 11:00 AM

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch during ranch the first week of August is a meeting of the minds and a war of the worlds all wrapped into what they call “The Greatest Motocross Vacation on Earth”. Seven days in rural Tennessee, racing in the roughest, hottest, most grueling conditions, against the best amateur motocross racers in the world. While most would call this anything but a vacation, amateur motocross enthusiasts wait all year long just for these seven days.

Some are there to win. Some are there to find out who’s going to win. Some are there to help others win… and some are just there.

But regardless of the reason for being, all of these individuals share one thing in common — a true love for the sport of motocross. The kind of love for sport that so often lacks in the 21st century.

Washington Post even made a statement that Gen-Z could potentially be a generational gap in the love for sports and the outdoors.

However Gavin Towers, Jeremy Fappani, and Vincent Wey hope to change that as they leverage their passion for sport to reach every goal in their paths. Kick back and relax as these three young motocross phenoms tell us (and then show us) what Loretta Lynn’s Ranch means to them. Enjoy.