RedBud and Kevin Windham’s Farm 14 MX partner on Loretta’s Regional Qualifier

TimeTuesday, April 23, 2019 | 9:45 AM

RedBud and Kevin Windham’s Farm 14 MX partner
on Loretta’s Regional Qualifier
K-Dub tabs RedBud to manage his upcoming (May 24-26)
South Central Amateur Regional Qualifier for the
2019 AMA Amateur National MX Championship – aka “Loretta’s”

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BUCHANAN, Mich. (April 23, 2019) – When it comes to racing motocross, MX legend Kevin Windham had no trouble running with the best in the world.  But when it came to putting on a major motocross race, Windham, admittedly, was in the back of the pack.

So when his Farm 14 MX facility was awarded the prestigious South Central Amateur Regional Qualifier for the annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, presented by Lucas Oil – or simply “Loretta’s,” Windham knew he needed some help.

“And you can’t find a better motocross family than the Ritchies at RedBud,” said Windham.

So this May 24th, 25th and 26th, the Tim and Amy Ritchie and the veteran RedBud crew will descend upon Centreville, Miss., to manage Windham’s Loretta’s Regional Qualifier at Farm 14 MX.

“Managing a regional is a challenge; lots going on, lots can go wrong,” said Tim Ritchie. “But there’s pretty much nothing we haven’t seen, or can’t handle for Kevin.”

Windham, who won on both 125s (1997) and 250s (1999) at RedBud and was on numerous podiums at the famed MX National track throughout his career, pointed out that, though RedBud was always one of his favorites, he had no idea how much work it takes to run a race – especially a qualifier for the most prestigious amateur MX event in the world.

“All I had to do when I was racing was to make sure I was prepared. And, looking back, that was pretty easy to handle,” said Windham. “Now that I have my own track, and I see what goes on behind the scenes to prepare for a race, I have a far better appreciation for what Tim & Amy and their team do at RedBud.”

With help from longtime track builder Bob “Chili” Childress, Windham’s basically turned what’s been his forever practice track into a solid amateur MX track for the region. Windham and Childress have focused on “softening” the pro-style jumps that Windham was accustomed to, taming the Farm 14 MX track down to where riders of all skill levels can compete.

Beyond that, and with some input from Tim Ritchie, Windham and Childress re-designed the access points for water trucks, heavy equipment and medical vehicles, while also allowing for easier crowd movement across the expansive property. “We’d held a number of events over the years, like ‘Party in the Pasture,’ but were really in need of just cleaning things up and making a good, fan-friendly race course. And I think we’ve got that now,” said Windham.

So, with the help of RedBud, Windham’s Loretta’s Regional Qualifier will no doubt be a big hit in the South Central Region. And though RedBud brings the all-important playbook, Windham’s got the star power to make this event a really big deal.

Some more info on Farm 14 MX’s South Central Amateur Regional Qualifier for Loretta’s:

Track: Farm 14 MX
Location: Centreville, Miss.
AMA Region: South Central
Dates: May 24-25-26
Format: Friday: (optional) racer practice; Saturday/Sunday three-moto format. All classes race both days.
Classes: AMA Amateur National Classes 1-19 will compete. Top six overall finishers in each class are guaranteed a spot on the gate at Loretta’s.
Also: Riders must qualify via a South Central Area Qualifier in order to race the Farm 14 Regional event.

Area Qualifiers started in mid-February; there are two events left giving riders a chance to make it to Farm 14: 

April 27/28 – Underground MX, Kemp, TX
May 4/5 – Sway MX Raceway Park, Tyler, TX

More on RedBud MX:

Rising up amongst the fertile rolling hills of picturesque southwestern Michigan, RedBud stands as a cornerstone in the storied history of motocross in the United States. Hosting for 45 years what’s consistently become the highest-attended motocross race in the USA, and always on the country’s birthday (4th of July) weekend, RedBud proudly carries the flag throughout the MX industry as America’s Motocross Track. High on pro racers’ lists of favorite tracks, from both coasts in the United States to Europe and points all over the globe, RedBud’s dirt – dark/organic loam, a truly rich soil suitable for growing grapes on either side of the expansive RedBud property – is the stuff of legend. This, coupled with beach-quality sand mined from the property and incorporated into key areas of the undulating track, and RedBud’s racing surface was seemingly ordained by the motocross gods to host the prestigious 2018 Motocross of Nations.