2017 Fan Admission

Day Date Gate Hours Camping Extra Car Day Cars Day Bikes
Sun July 30 24 Hours $450 $100 $40 $20
Mon July 31 24 Hours $375 $100 $40 $20
Tues Aug 1 6a - 12a $325 $100 $40 $20
Wed Aug 2 6a - 12a $250 $100 $40 $20
Thurs Aug 3 6a - 12a $175 $75 $40 $20
Fri Aug 4 6a - 12a $100 $50 $40 $20
Sat Aug 5 6a - 3p $75 $40 $40 $20


Fan Camping is available for fans and non-racers National Week via Facility Permits.

Sorry, but hook-up sites are reserved for racers only and are not available for Fan Camping.

Facility permits include camping, gate admission and night activities. There is no "per person" gate admission fee.

Pump-out and fresh water services will be available for a $35 fee per service.

The MX Sports National Facility Permit covers camping Sunday through Saturday night. There will be an additional camping fee of $40/day for guests arriving prior to Sunday, July 30. After that, no single-day camping permits will be available.

All fees payable by cash or credit card only - no checks please.

Please refer to the chart above for rates.


Extra car passes are available only to guests who have purchased camping passes.

The following vehicles are NOT eligible for an Extra Car Pass:

Motor Home, RV, Camper, Box Van, any vehicle pulling a trailer, any vehicle with sleeping quarters.

Please refer to the chart above for rates.


Fees are per vehicle - there is no individual fan admission charge.

Day trippers must park in the designated 'Day Lot'.

NO overnight camping in the Day Lot.

Day vehicles are not permitted in the camping areas.

Please refer to the chart above for rates.


Pit vehicle privileges are extended to campers, racers and their families only. The cost is $40 for advance purchases and $50 at the event.

Permits are not available to Day Trippers.