Competition Bulletin 2019-7: 2019 Grounds Rules and Pet Policy

TimeFriday, July 12, 2019 | 4:25 PM

TO: 2019 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur Motocross Championship Participants  

FROM: MX Sports

DATE: July 12, 2019


2019 Grounds Rules and Pet Policy

The 2019 Ground Rules for the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, presented by Lucas Oil, are now available to view online. Please familiarize yourself with these rules as we have had some important changes this year, most notably the Pit Vehicle Permit maximum width, 13 mph speed limit and a refresher on the pet policy.

9. PIT VEHICLE PERMITS (PVP). Pit vehicles (mopeds, scooters, pit bikes, golf carts, mules) may be used by PERMIT ONLY and are limited to a maximum width of 64 inches. No ATVs, 6-wheel Gators or high-performance vehicles permitted (as determined in the sole discretion of MX Sports). Licensed motorcycles/scooters entering the camping areas are required to have a PVP. The cost is $50if purchased in advance and $60at the event and covers the week of the event (Saturday-Saturday). An additional fee of $5 will be charged for permits purchased prior to Saturday. Permits will be sold starting Friday at Noon at the MX Sports Track Office. Only racers and campers are eligible for PVP. Day Spectators are not eligible for pit permits. Proof of age and a valid AMA card will be required at time of purchase. Unauthorized pit vehicles will be confiscated and the racer subject to penalty, or even disqualification. Pit Vehicles may only cross the county road at the designated cart crossing. No pit vehicles or golf carts permitted on the county road, in Western Town or on the Ranch trails. Stay out of the woods – they are off limits. Helmets must be worn by all persons riding 2-wheeled pit vehicles. 

10. PIT VEHICLE OPERATORS/SPEED LIMIT.Operators must be 16 years old minimum. The PVP Speed Limit is 13 MPH.

22. PET POLICY. We allow SMALL, FRIENDLY pets only. This is a long, hot week, and many animals are not suited to these conditions. We will leave it to the pet’s human to decide if it’s a good idea to bring them nor not. Regardless, if you do bring a pet, you will be required to: 1) pick up its business, 2) keep your pet tied up in your camping area or on a leash at all times, and 3) have proper ID and rabies vaccine tags. No pets near the racetrack or in Lucas Oil Arena. Pets that bark or bite or otherwise are cause for concern will be required to leave the event with their humans. MX Sports has sole discretion on whether your pet can stay. 

Thank you, and we’ll see you at the races!

-MX Sports