Motoland - Kingsbury, IN

March 25, 2023 - March 26, 2023

Mid-East Area Qualifier

Contact Information
Name: Demetrius Knop
Phone: (765) 379-2482
Email: [email protected]

Pre-Registration is available for Motoland AQ. Follow the link to register: 

Congratulations to Demetrius and Jacindra Knop Wildcat Creek MX! Demetrius has big plans for Motoland and Rick will be helping him in every way that he can. Demetrius brings 22 years of track experience to the region and plans on bringing racing back to Motoland. We have every confidence that Demetrius and Jacinda are going to take Motoland to the next level.

Motoland now has a total of five tracks. Check it out, tracks 1 and 2 will still accommodate riders A, B, C, and Mini 20 on & 20 off.  The newly created tracks 3 and 4 will accommodate riders mini A&B, mini C, Pit Bike and beginner classes. It will alternate 20 on 20 off just like tracks 1 and 2. The peewee track gets two new turns and the little guys ride all day, nonstop.

Every person who enters our track with a pit bike will be charged the pit bike rate. There will be no pit riding. Pit bikes are to be used to go from point A your parking spot to B the appropriate pit bike track entrance SLOWLY and MINDFULLY.

More information can be found online here,