Farm 14 - Amateur Regional

LocationFarm 14 - Centreville, MS
TimeMay 25, 2019 - May 26, 2019

Contact Information
Name: Amy Ritchie
Phone: (269) 695-6405
Email: [email protected]


Gate Fees (Ages 12+/Ages 6-11):Description
$40/$20Thursday (through Sunday)
$35/$15Friday (through Sunday)
$10LOCAL Spectator Special: $10 per day Saturday & Sunday
$15Camping Fee, per camping vehicle; (1-time charge, not per day)

Gate Hours
Thursday4pm - 12am
Friday6am - 12am
Saturday6am - 10pm

Racing Fees:
Friday Practice (Optional)$30 per group3 rotations minimum; 4 rotations if possible. For qualified racers and alternates only.
Racing$50 per classThere may be qualifiers in your class! All classes race 3 motos over 2 days. Qualifiers and LCQs count as the first moto.
Transponders (Mandatory)$40 rental fee + security deposit for more information.
Pit VehiclesNo Charge.Must be age 16 or over to use. Use responsibly or lose the privilege!

Shipping Address: 1890 Ash Rd, Centreville, MS 39631
- Please use this address to have packages delivered to the track. They will be available to pick up at Registration. 

GPS Track Address: 1585 Ash Rd, Centreville, MS 39631

No RV hookups available.  Potable water is available in the pits, after you pull into the gate.  We advise coming in with tanks full as only 2 rigs can fill at a time.  Pets must be on a leash.  Minimum age 16 to use a pit vehicle.

If you have any more questions check out

Phil Crabtree