Deseret Peak - Amateur Regional

LocationDeseret Peak - Grantsville, UT
TimeJune 5, 2020 - June 7, 2020

Mid-West Amateur Regional Championship

*For the Mid-West Regionals at Deseret Peak, the Amateur Regional will host Amateur classes 1-19 and Youth classes 20-36, as posted HERE

Contact Information
Name: Myron Short
Phone: (559) 500-5360
Email: [email protected]

Admission Fees:Adult (12+)Child (6-11)
Thurs - Sun$30$30
Fri - Sun$30$30
Sat - Sun$20$20
Rider Entry Fees:  
Friday Practice: $30/group 
Racing:$50/class (plus MX Sports Fee) 
Pit Vehicle Permits: Free 
Hook-up Camping:n/c 
Dry Camping:$20 

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