High Point Raceway

LocationHigh Point Raceway - Mount Morris, PA
TimeApril 15, 2017 - April 16, 2017

Contact Information
Name:  Racer Productions
Phone:  (304) 284-0084
Email: [email protected]


The High Point circuit uses the land's natural elevation to create uphill double and triple jumps and long sweeping corners in a natural ampitheater setting. High Point is a true challenge for the racers and remains one of the most popular tracks in the entire sport. Length of track - 1.2 miles. Elevation change - 300 feet Dirt - Mild clay base with good traction Best tire - Intermediate.

Potable water and ice can be purchased at the Concession Tower. There are food and drink concessions.

For more information check out www.racerproductions.com.